Board engagement to work across the organisation to drive operational and/or performance improvement

Operational and performance improvement assignments follow our 7 step process, refined by over 25 years of experience in the market.

  1. Profit Drivers - evaluate where profit is being made and it's associated drivers, if appropriate extending the assessment to each part of the business's competitive position.
  2. Process Costs - assess the true costs of running the major processes across the business and the efficiency and effectiveness of the associated key activities.
  3. Cost Reduction - identify opportunities for meaningful cost reduction within agreed pay back criteria.
  4. Value Drivers - working with major shareholders or advisors ascertain the key drivers to increasing shareholder value and implications of that for the business
  5. Financial Modelling - provide detailed and robust interpretation of key data and incorporation into integrated models aligned with the business's budgeting and reporting process.
  6. Workshops - through a series of workshops, 'walk' the board and senior management team through key findings and alternative options for the business and facilitates the discussion and decision-making process
  7. Implementation - lead or support the management implementation of the change programmes agreed at the workshop step, instilling robust reporting and measurement criteria throughout.